Forestry Mulching In Missouri

Forestry mulching in Missouri is a method of clearing land that uses a rotary drum (mulching head) equipped with steel chipper teeth to cut, grind, and shred vegetation. The process leaves behind a fine layer of mulch that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This method is perfect for clearing trees and brush that are too large for a tractor with a brush hog

Benefits of Forestry Mulching In Missouri

Forestry mulching allows you to clearly identify property lines or survey lines. It also helps with fire management of your property, reducing the potential chances for spreading wildfire. Most importantly, it can open your land up to many new uses for your family to enjoy.

Cutting by hand and hauling out the waste is extremely inefficient compared to other methods and often not even feasible for a large area. Utilizing a bulldozer, loader, and hauler is at the other end of the spectrum – highly efficient in terms of time, but with the highest cost not only for equipment but for the labor of multiple operators. 

Forestry mulching in Missouri is a more cost-effective option than bulldozing which adds the additional expense of filling holes, leveling the ground, burning brush piles, or paying to have the waste hauled away. The areas mulched can be immediately re-seeded or planted.

Forestry mulching in Missouri is also the best choice for environmentally friendly land clearing. Using a single machine reduces fuel usage and emissions and limits disturbance to soil and desirable vegetation. The mulch is better for the immediate environment because the biomass provides erosion protection that helps retain moisture and put nutrients back into the soil. 

Tallgrass Land Management 

Tallgrass offers both one-time services and customized annual land management programs. Our annual programs may include spraying for weeds and/or invasive species, brush hogging multiple times per year, seeding programs, and more. 

Every piece of property is unique which is why our owner, Bryan Ballard, will give you a free estimate that is customized for your property. While we focus on delivering the best in industry solutions and customer service we also want to become your long-term land management partner. As land clearing programs, equipment and solutions evolve you can count on us for the latest solutions tailored to your land management needs.

Tallgrass Land Management is veteran-owned and licensed in Missouri and Kansas. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and exceed your expectations. To learn more about forestry mulching in Missouri or to schedule a free estimate, please call us today at 816-529-0895.


Forestry mulching in Missouri is the best choice for environmentally friendly land clearing.