Food Plots In Missouri: How Do You Manage Food Plots?


Food plots in Missouri not only attract wildlife but also help manage the land, build healthy and productive soils and prevent soil erosion. They can help keep unwanted trees and underbrush from regrowing on land that has been cleared. For a number of reasons, food plots in Missouri are beneficial for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, farmers, and property owners alike.

Food plots in Missouri are a supplemental food source supplied to wildlife such as deer, birds, turkey, quail, pheasants, and more. Whether you’re looking for deer food plots or wildlife food plots for your Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land management, you can turn to the experts at Tallgrass Land Management.

How We Manage Food Plots In Missouri

At Tallgrass Land Management, we have the knowledge, skill, and equipment necessary to create healthy and impactful wildlife or deer food plots. Here is how we break down the process. It all starts with a visit to the land and our providing you with a free estimate for our services.

  1. We examine and test the soil on site. This allows us to determine the right seeding for your property as well as fertilization needs.
  2. We assess the weeds, recommend a herbicide, and provide you with our application plan.
  3. We apply fertilizer to the plot if needed.
  4. We complete tillage if required.
  5. We work with you to decide what seeds to plant based on the wildlife you are trying to attract and plant your food plot.
  6. A follow-up herbicide application may be applied 4 to 8 weeks later after seed emergence.

Food plots in Missouri can serve as supplemental or emergency food supplies during extreme cold or snow in winter months or may help wildlife get ready for winter. They can also assure that wildlife species have adequate food supplies for reproduction and raising their young in the spring and summer months. Our goal is to deliver the best food plots possible leading to greater deer harvest and enhanced wildlife habitats. 

Tallgrass Land Management

Every piece of property is unique which is why our owner, Bryan Ballard, will give you a free estimate that is customized for your property. While we focus on delivering the best in industry solutions and customer service we also want to become your long-term land management partner. As land clearing programs, equipment and solutions evolve you can count on us for the latest solutions tailored to your land management needs.

Tallgrass offers both one-time services and customized annual land management programs. Our annual programs may include spraying for weeds, brush hogging multiple times per year, seeding programs, and more. 

Tallgrass Land Management is veteran-owned and licensed in Missouri and Kansas. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and exceed your expectations. To schedule a free estimate or request more information, please call us today at 816-529-0895.

Food plots in Missouri not only attract wildlife but also help manage the land, build healthy and productive soils and prevent soil erosion.

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