Brush Hogging In Missouri Offers Big Benefits

Brush hogging in Missouri utilizes a device with spinning blades to cut vegetation. The device is usually dragged across the land with a tractor, making it ideal for low-growing vegetation like small shrubs and tall grasses. Brush hogging only clears the land surface of small overgrowth, unlike land clearing, which also removes root systems, or forestry mulching, which is able to remove larger shrubs and small trees.

Brush hogging in Missouri is the most common form of eliminating brush for hunting, farming, pasture, Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) maintenance, and land development as well as a variety of other uses. While it is primarily performed with a tractor, for steep embankments, pond dams, ditches, and narrow pathways this work is best performed using a brush hog attachment on a skid steer.

Do You Need Brush Hogging In Missouri?

Brush hogging in Missouri can handle overgrowth that a conventional riding mower cannot. Brush hogging services are the most cost-effective solution for properties too large or difficult to maintain by hand or with a lawnmower. Brush hogging is most effective when the property is level, dry, and clear of debris and obstructions.

Brush hogging in Missouri can:

  • Trim larger weeds than a mower can handle.
  • Mow overly mature fields or food plots.
  • Keep meadows open within wooded properties.
  • Mow paths for fencing.
  • Keep roads and trails clear.
  • Clear property for construction.
  • Clear pasture land.
  • Add value to your home by improving the look of your property.

Brush Hogging Professionals Tallgrass Land Management

Utilizing professional brush hogging services will save you time and money in the long run. Tallgrass Land Management is a full-service land management company located in Northwest Missouri serving residential, commercial, utility, and municipal customers, farms, and ranches throughout Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska. What makes Tallgrass Land Management unique when it comes to land clearing is we specialize in year-round land management in addition to one-time service visits.

Tallgrass Land Management is a fully licensed and insured Veteran-owned small business. Our goal is to be the best land management company in the area providing professional land clearing services to meet our customer’s needs. To schedule a free brush clearing estimate or ask any questions please click here or call our owner Bryan Ballard today at 816-529-0895.

Brush hogging in Missouri can handle overgrowth that a conventional riding mower cannot.