What is the Best Food Plot for Deer in 2023?

Creating a food plot on your property for deer can be exciting but time-consuming. Using professional food plot services like those offered by Tallgrass Land Management will make a difference in your results. 
Planting brassicas, oats, turnips, and radish or clover will attract deer to your property. Outdoor Life shares, “Bucks need protein for antler growth, and they’ll find it in high-protein forage such as legumes. Soybeans and clover, in particular, can provide as much as 30-35 percent of protein for deer.” Soybean is better planted in the spring, but clover can be planted either time and will see excellent growth. 
This is why Tallgrass recommends clover as the best food plot food for deer in 2023. Landowners and deers alike love clover. We like it since it is relatively easy to grow and maintain, while deers enjoy it for its taste and nutrition. 
For example, have you considered if deer is the only species you hope to attract, or do you hope to increase the variety of food for area wildlife? Do you know the population of deer in the area? Will you need additional equipment to prepare the plot spot, i.e., tillers or seeders? Are you familiar with fertilizer application methods? Are you committed to tending to the plot year after year to keep it functional? How do you decide where to build your plot? Tallgrass can help you answer all these questions and more. 
Spring and Fall are the best times to plant food plots. With fall just around the corner, we can work together to identify which plants you want to grow and how we’ll prepare your soil and will get your plot growing in no time. You can see in this Tractor Supply video, several steps go into creating a deer plot. While it’s not impossible to do so yourself when working with a professional, we know what works in this Midwest environment — helping clients in the Kansas City area, near St. Joseph, Missouri, and throughout Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. 
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