Land Clearing – Hiring a Land Clearing Professional vs. Renting Equipment and Doing It Yourself

Considering Land Clearing for your property in Kansas City? Creating paths to unused areas, developing walking trails or clearing ATV paths are all awesome benefits to land clearing, but you may be wondering if you should hire a land clearing professional or rent equipment and do-it-yourself. Let’s discuss the benefits of each in this week’s blog.


If you are considering renting equipment to perform some land clearing tasks on your own, you may be able to save money on professional labor costs and may even be able to ensure property integrity is maintained (because you know you wont run over that prized rose bush on the edge of your tree line). By doing the land clearing yourself, though, you’d likely miss out on other things a professional could offer like:
  • Time Savings – Our professionals operate this equipment daily and know how to run it efficiently and safely. While the demo by the rental story may get you by on smaller jobs, accuracy is important for land clearing projects.
  • Have More Tools At Our Disposal – We will likely bring multiple attachments along with our machine to haul away debris, shred limbs into mulch or mow down tall grass. We can plan ahead based on the area you are clearing, which means you are not making multiple trips to the hardware store.
  • Job is Done Right, the First Time – Don’t sweat and labor for hours only to become frustrated that it is not working out like you envisioned. We’ll create a plan for the space you wish to transform and execute it according to your specifications. 

Hire the Professionals at Tallgrass Land Management 

We serve residential, commercial, utility, and municipal customers, farms, and ranches throughout Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas including Kansas City and St. Joseph, MO. Our full-service land management solutions ensure that our customers can receive specialized one-time visits or customized annual programs for spraying, brush hogging, seeding and more. 
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