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Land Clearing and Land Management here in the Midwest can seem like an overwhelming project due to our long growing season, native weeds and prairie grasses, and wildlife to consider. Tallgrass Land Management is a full-service land management company servicing Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas including Kansas City and St Joseph. 
Tallgrass Land Management offers many different types of land clearing solutions. These include:
  • Brush Hogging – also referred to as bush hogging, tractor mowing, rotary cutting, brush clearing, or heavy-duty mowing is a form of clearing light brush up to 1” in diameter. While it is primarily performed with a tractor, for steep embankments, pond dams, ditches, and narrow pathways this work is best performed using a brush hog attachment on a skid steer.
  • Forestry Mulching – a method of clearing land using a single machine with a rotary drum (mulching head) equipped with steel chipper teeth to cut, grind, and shred vegetation. The process leaves behind a fine layer of mulch that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This method is perfect for clearing trees and brush that are too large for a tractor with a brush hog.
  • Brush and Tree Clearing – Preparing a site for accessibility and improvements for a variety of uses. 
  • Trail And Access Road Clearing – Customers primarily choose this for hiking trails, hunting trails, ATV/UTV trails or simply to make an inaccessible area of their property more accessible. 
  • Pasture Management – Providing animals with forage grasses while also keeping the soil microbiome health. 
  • Right of Way Clearing – Ensuring safe traffic flow on public and private roads as well as providing utility line access. If you want to have a say in how this is done on your property, we recommend contacting us before the local electric or utility crews show up. 
  • Fence Row Clean Up – Fence lines, gates and fence posts can quickly become overgrown. Sometimes the growth is so dense, or fence row so long, professional equipment is preferred by our customers. 


Why Tallgrass?

Owner Bryan Ballard is a service-disabled veteran who has had a passion for the outdoors and wildlife for his entire life. In 2020, Bryan channeled his passion into founding Tallgrass Land Management, LLC. Tallgrass has quickly become one of the top Land Management companies in the Kansas City area. Bryan takes pride in providing quality land clearing services.

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 We serve residential, commercial, utility, and municipal customers, farms, and ranches throughout Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. Our full-service land management solutions ensure that our customers can receive specialized one-time visits or customized annual programs for spraying, brush hogging, seeding and more. 
To schedule a free estimate for land clearing or ask any questions please click here or call owner Bryan Ballard today at 816-529-0895.

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