How Forestry Mulching Opens Up Your Land For New Uses

Forestry Mulching is a great way of clearing land for new uses. Tallgrass Land Management offers this service in Kansas City, Pleasant Hill, Northwest Missouri, and Northeast Kansas.

Forestry Mulchers are a single-machine attachment that carefully cuts, grinds, and clears out vegetation leaving behind a layer of mulch. This efficient land clearing method provides a cost-effective and low-impact solution for clearing overgrown land.

If you are dealing with unwanted trees, overgrown brush, or dense plants, hire Tallgrass Land Management to come in and quickly clear your land and leave behind a nutrient-rich ground covering. 

Forestry mulching eliminates the need to burn or haul away unwanted brush. Our forestry mulchers fit in front of a bobcat machine, which is extremely maneuverable and can fit in spaces where bigger equipment cannot. With an owner dedicated to protecting the natural environment and who also participates in conservation efforts in Missouri and Kansas, you can be satisfied knowing that Tallgrass cares about your property too.

New Uses for Your Land

There are so many reasons to have professional forestry mulching done, including:

·         Fence or property line clearing
·         Property enhancements
·         Creation of Trails – either for hunting, UTV/ATV, horse, or nature trails
·         Removal of invasive species
·         Removal of overgrown or hazardous trees
·         Wildfire prevention
·         Building site preparation
·         Debris mulching

Why Tallgrass Land Management?

Owner Bryan Ballard is a service-disabled veteran with a passion for the outdoors and wildlife his entire life. In 2020, Bryan channeled his passion into founding Tallgrass Land Management, LLC. Tallgrass has quickly become one of the top Land Management companies in the Kansas City area. Bryan takes pride in providing quality land clearing services.

To schedule a free estimate for land clearing or ask any questions, please click here or call owner Bryan Ballard today at 816-529-0895.