Clearing Land? Top Reasons To Hire A Land Management Professional

Clearing land prepares your site for accessibility and improvements. Though it may seem a simple enough job to DIY, there are a few compelling reasons to hire a land management professional.


Safety First

The number one reason to hire a professional is that clearing land is inherently dangerous. The necessary sharp implements and heavy machinery are not safe for inexperienced users, and injuries are common even when you know what you are doing. The professionals at Tallgrass Land Management are trained and insured, and they do this all day every day.


Removing brush from your property can be a matter of safety. Clearing overgrown bushes and plants helps to prevent fires. Thick undergrowth is a breeding ground for disease-carrying ticks and destructive rodents as well. Professional brush removal clears away these hazards, making your property safer and more usable.


Time Is Money

Manual clearing can be a time-consuming and laborious job to tackle on your own. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced professional like Tallgrass Land Management, on the other hand, is easy and cost-effective. A professional can remove vegetation, stumps, and stones much more efficiently using forestry mulchers and mowers. Brush removal quickly clears a trail or project site, reducing the time and labor associated with hand clearing.


Access And Property Value

Clearing land can create:

  • Walking Trails
  • Hunting Trails
  • ATV/UTV Trails
  • Accessibility to inaccessible areas of your property


Brush removal can increase the value of your property by creating additional green space as well as access. Forestry mulching and brush hogging are the processes primarily used to clear brush and vegetation to gain access to the property for a variety of uses. 


Clearing Land Is What We Do

Tallgrass Land Management is a full-service land management company located in Northwest Missouri and serving residential, commercial, farms and ranches, utility, and municipal customers throughout Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska. 


What makes Tallgrass Land Management unique when it comes to land clearing is that we specialize in year-round land management in addition to one-time service visits.


We perform any number of one-time services, but we really look at land in terms of its long-term care and maintenance. That is why we also talk to you about our annual programs that may also be of interest to you when we come and give you an estimate for service.


Tallgrass Land Management is a fully licensed and insured Veteran-owned small business. Our goal is to be the best land management company in the area providing professional land management services to meet our customer’s needs. 


To schedule a free estimate or ask any questions please click here or call our owner Bryan Ballard today at 816-529-0895.

Clearing land prepares your site for accessibility and improvements, and there are several reasons to hire a land management professional.

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