Brush Hogging Kansas City – Affordable and Reliable

Considering Brush Hogging on your Kansas City Property? Save the hard work of land management to the affordable and reliable professionals of Tallgrass Land Management. Tallgrass provides forestry mulching, CRP land management, trail access maintenance and brush cutting services to the St. Joseph, Kansas City, Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas Areas.

What is Brush Hogging?

Brush hogging, also referred to as brush cutting, tractor mowing, rotary cutting, brush clearing, or heavy-duty mowing, is a form of clearing light brush up to 1” in diameter. It is the most common form of eliminating brush for hunting, farming, pasture and Conversation Reserve Program (CRP) maintenance, land development as well as a variety of other uses.

Brush cutting or hogging may be a first step in a land management plan for a piece of property that is being turned into an area for deer food plots. This activity is primarily performed with a tractor; for steep embankments, pond dams, ditches, and narrow pathways this work is best performed using a brush hog attachment on a skid steer.

Brush cutting protects the surface of the land by cutting back overgrown grass, trees, and vegetation to promote a flourishing environment as well as nourish existing soil. It is most effective when the property is level, dry, and clear of debris and obstructions. We provide brush cutting / hogging for both residential and commercial property owners.

Why Hire Out Brush Hogging?

Tallgrass Land Management knows our way around rough terrain and regularly invests in our equipment to maintain it in the best working order. We are efficient in our work, aware of how to handle different types of overgrowth and are able to help you evaluate your land to determine the best way to manage it to utilize your natural resources.

Brush Hogging differs from simply mowing in that the blades are not rigidly attached, but are on hinges, allowing us to work over rocks or stumps that may be hidden by tall brush. Before you can us land for another purpose, such as creating access trails for ATVs or walking, forestry clearing or mulching, you need to clear out the dead or overgrown weeds and grasses. Brush Cutting is best for this situation.

Did you know, when you cut back the weeds and grasses, you’ll allow the soil to grow nutrient rich so it can nourish other plant life? This allows insects and animals to return to the land and interact with it in a favorable way.

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