Brush Cutting – Are You Looking for Professional Brush Cutting Services?

Brush Cutting in Kansas City is an efficient way to clear larger weeds and plants while maintaining soil health during the spring, summer and fall months. Tallgrass Land Management offers land management solutions, including brush cutting or brush hogging in Kansas City, St. Joseph, and throughout Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas.

What Can a Professional Brush Cutting Service Do For Your Land?

Tallgrass Land Management knows our way around rough terrain and regularly invests in our equipment to maintain it in the best working order. We are efficient in our work, aware of how to handle different types of overgrowth and are able to help you evaluate your land to determine the best way to manage it to utilize your natural resources.

Brush Hogging differs from simply mowing in that the blades are not rigidly attached, but are on hinges, allowing us to work over rocks or stumps that may be hidden by tall brush. Before you can use land for another purpose, such as creating access trails for ATVs or walking, forestry clearing or mulching, you need to clear out the dead or overgrown weeds and grasses.
Brush Cutting, unlike bulldozing or digging, only cuts the growth, promoting regrowth and enriching the soil, rather than destroying all vegetation. This cuts down invasive weeds at the root, preventing them from regrowing.

Tallgrass services hunting grounds, farmlands, ranch setups and everything in between! Our Brush Cutting mowing can quickly, easily and affordably eliminate brush on hunting, farming or pasture lands.

Work with Tallgrass Land Management

Partnering with many conservation organizations, Owner Bryan Ballard continues to grow his expertise in the land management field. He holds several memberships that promote preservation and proper land use including Grow Native! Missouri Prairie FoundationNational Deer Association and the Heartland Chapter of Missouri’s Quail Forever & Pheasants Forever.
For questions or to schedule a free estimate for your Kansas City area, Northwest Missouri or Northeast Kansas land, please call our owner Bryan Ballard at 816-529-0895 or contact us today!