Land Management with Spraying and Spraying Solutions

Tallgrass Land Management is a full-service land management company located in Northwest Missouri serving residential, commercial, farms and ranches, utility and municipal customers throughout the Kansas City metro area, St Joseph and Northwest Missouri area and Northeast Kansas area. What makes Tallgrass Land Management unique when it comes to land clearing is we specialize in year-round land management in addition to one time service visits.
We offer spraying and spraying solutions for several different needs. With our professional equipment and trained operators, we will complete your land clearing job safely and efficiently. Tallgrass has extensive experience when it comes to spraying for invasive species removal. Invasive species can harm the natural landscape, native wildlife, outdoor recreation, working lands, and economy. We have the knowledge and experience you need when it comes to removing Bush Honeysuckle, Autumn Olive, Multiflora Rose, Sericea Lespedeza, and more. 

Spraying for Pasture Management

If weeds are a problem in your pastures, conduct an inventory for weedy trouble spots, suggest Beef Magazine. We’ll work to identify the weeds of concern and create a plan to control them. Working with an experienced land management company ensures we will treat the weeds at the right time with the correct solution. We take into account the type of plant (annual or biennials), moisture level and wind conditions when planning our sprays. 
There is no obligation to commit to an annual program, but Tallgrass wants to give you all of the options from a one-time service solution to annual land management programs that would support your property’s health.  

Spraying for Weeds

Tallgrass recommends spraying both in the spring and the fall for weeds. Nearby weeds can attract unnecessary bugs, disease or steal a plant’s health and nutrients. Spraying can increase crop yields by reducing these competing environmental factors, says
Penn State explains that once weeds have started seeding, a herbicide application would not be effective and the seeds would likely continue to develop. 

Customized Service from Tallgrass

Tallgrass is veteran-owned and licensed in Missouri and Kansas. We serve residential, commercial, utility, and municipal customers, farms, and ranches in Kansas City, St Joseph and throughout Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and exceed your expectations. To schedule a free estimate or request more information, please call us today at 816-529-0895.

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