Land Clearing: Every Property is Unique

When it comes to land clearing, every property’s needs and owner’s goals are unique. Fortunately for our customers, Tallgrass Land Management offers multiple land clearing services including land management, spraying, forestry mulching and brushing hogging. We service the Kansas City, MO and St. Joseph, MO areas and throughout Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas.

Land Management
Land management is the process of managing the use and development of land resources for a variety of purposes. Land management not only incorporates land clearing, but also promoting healthy growth, wildlife habitat preservation and helps prevent water and runoff issues.

Spraying the land for weeds is best done in the spring and again in the fall. Our spraying unit is equipped to handle properties of any size.

Forestry Mulching
Forestry mulching is a method of clearing land using a single machine with a rotary drum (mulching head) equipped with steel chipper teeth to cut, grind, and shred vegetation. The process leaves behind a fine layer of mulch that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This method is perfect for land clearing of trees and brush that are too large for a tractor with a brush hog.

Brush Hogging
Brush hogging, also referred to as bush cutting, tractor mowing, rotary cutting, brush clearing, or heavy-duty mowing is a form of clearing light brush up to 1” in diameter. While it is primarily performed with a tractor, for steep embankments, pond dams, ditches, and narrow pathways this work is best performed using a brush hog attachment on a skid steer.

Be sure to check out our blog later this month that details brush hogging even more!

Work With a Company That Cares!

Tallgrass Land Management holds a professional membership in the Grow Native! Missouri Prairie Foundation. We provide Land Care & Landscape Services in addition to Wildlife Habitat & Ecological Services to learn more about Grow Native! Click here to learn more about Grow Native!

Our owner, Bryan is a member of the NDA (National Deer Association) and is a Deer Steward. He holds Deer Steward Level 1 and 2 certifications. To learn more about the NDA Deer Steward Certification Programs please click here.

Bryan is also a member of the Heartland Chapter of Missouri’s Quail Forever & Pheasants Forever Organization which you can learn more about here.

About Tall Grass Management

Tallgrass Land Management is a full-service land management company serving residential, commercial, farms and ranches, utility, and municipal customers throughout Kansas City, Missouri, St. Joseph, Missouri, Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. What makes Tallgrass Land Management unique when it comes to land clearing is we specialize in year-round land management in addition to one-time service visits.

Tallgrass Land Management is a fully licensed and insured Veteran-owned small business. Our goal is to be the best land management company in the area providing professional land clearing services to meet our customer’s needs. To schedule a free brush clearing estimate or ask any questions please click here or call our owner Bryan Ballard today at 816-529-0895.

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