CRP Land Management – How We Help You With The Conservation Reserve Program

CRP Land Management questions are common among our customers. Many landowners want to know how they can earn income on unproductive farmland or how to increase their conservation efforts. Tallgrass Land Management helps customers in Kansas City, St Joseph, Northwest Missouri, and Northeast Kansas with CRP Land Management. 
The Conservation Reserve Program or CRP is especially suited for landowners whose fields are plagued with erosion or marginal crop production. In the interest of the long-term health of the soil, the USDA considers it better to keep these lands out of production and instead cover them with grasses or trees.
The primary purpose of CRP is “to conserve and improve soil, protect water quality and preserve wildlife habitat by establishing long-term cover on land,” shares the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. Tallgrass helps ensure our customers remain compliant with the CRP program requirements. 
The CRP Land Management program is voluntary but does involve some work on the part of the landowner. If a landowner qualifies, the USDA makes a yearly rental payment in exchange for the landowner’s work to remove the environmentally sensitive acreage from agricultural production. Where Tallgrass comes in by helping identify areas to plant native species, clear out the overgrowth, or shape the land to prevent erosion – all to improve land health. 
By promoting wildlife habitat or reestablishing land features like bedding areas, space is created, such as fawning cover for dear or nesting for countless species of birds. 
Continuous enrollment for CRP in Missouri and Kansas is ongoing and Tallgrass is here to make you as successful as possible. 

Considering a CRP Contract?

Tallgrass Owner Bryan Ballard recognizes that every piece of property has its own unique needs.
Contact us Today or call at 816-529-0895 to schedule your free estimate. Our focus is on delivering the best in industry solutions and customer service. This means becoming your long-term CRP land management partner as well. As land management programs, equipment, and solutions evolve you can count on us for the latest solutions tailored to your land management needs, no matter where you reside in Kansas City, St Joseph, Northwest Missouri, or Northeast Kansas. 
CRP land management can be time-consuming and laborious to do well. That’s where Tallgrass Land Management programs come in.

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